my fave: boston

It started with watching the Jays game at the beginning of the month.  John Farrell (old manager of the Jays, now manager of the Boston Red Sox) was back in Toronto for the first time and was welcomed with boooos (not classy, Toronto) and a bunch of signs.

My (least) favourite?

Hey Farrell, do you like apples?

Um, pal, when you’ve made the point (presumably acquiring a bunch of superstars after Farrell quit), your sign should read

Hey Farrell, how do you like dem apples?!

With that came re-watching Good Will Hunting and everything was “wicked awesome” for a few days.


Passion re-ignited, I looked through all my Boston photos from sister vacation #1 back in 2010.  There was nothing about Boston I didn’t love.  It’s a big city with a small town feel.  It has cobblestone streets that lead to Whole Foods and parks for picnic lunches.  There is a beautiful courtyard in the center of the Boston Library that would be a perfect location for sister’s future wedding.  You can get lost in your thoughts watching the sun set over the Harbour.


I even loved a rain delay because it meant we got to spend 6 hours at Fenway.  We were underwhelmed by Harvard, however.  How is there no big stone “Harvard” sign.  Where’s a girl to get a good photo?  For the record, I miss the Boston Blazers.

I probably think about this city at least once a week.


I’ve actually had this written, saved as a draft for days before the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  And now, after being reminded about the really, really fabulous people in the city, I love Boston a little bit more.

Glamour also made a list about great things from Boston.  Just for the record, Glamour, it wasn’t a phase, I still want to marry a bad boy from from Boston. Bless your heart Matt Damon in Good Will Hunting.

Beantown for my 30th birthday? hmmmm…..


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