(i wish it were) my fave: winking

Like after 2am, nothing good comes from winking at people.  But really, it’s in the Bible! (which….whoa)

He who winks the eye causes trouble – Proverbs 10:10

Or is it just me?

I have this awful habit of subconsciously mimicking the wink once I spot others doing it. It looks so cool. So, I might have winked at some fella when a group of us were out a few weeks ago.

What happened?

Well, first I was asked if we’d (the gent and I) had a one night stand. Negative.

A few hours later his friend came close and whispered  “lets get to know each other later. At your house. Just the two of us”. Again, negative. I’m a lady.

To those who can wink at people and pull it off without being propositioned, kudos. And those who can pull it off and get a non-hotmess evening smootch, holla!


2 thoughts on “(i wish it were) my fave: winking

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