(not) my fave: cloudy days

Aren’t rainy, dreary, gloomy days the worst?

I take that back; aren’t rainy, dreary, gloomy days the worst when you have to leave the house? I mean, if it’s pouring on a Sunday afternoon and your plans of grocery shopping and looking for new pillows can be put on the back burner in favour of snuggling, hot coffee, and reading magazines in bed; then 3 cheers for rainy days.


It pretty much rained from 8pm Monday – Saturday evening last week.  If it wasn’t raining it was hailing.  If it wasn’t hailing it was sleeting.  And then it rained some more.

The sun came out for a hot second yesterday morning and again few a few hours this morning.  Now? Cloudy again.  Raining tonight/tomorrow.  And Thursday.  And Friday.  ugh.

For the love of everything good, can it be sunny again?  Cause seriously, I’m swearing up a storm, am perpetually miserable, and super complainy.  Anyone who says seasonal affective disorder isn’t a thing can come spend a day with me.

West coasters, how do you do it? I’m sorry, but the 3 hours of blue skies and sunshine from this morning has not made up for a week of cloud and rain.

So I made chocolate chip cherry brownies to cheer me up.   And am blasting I Love It.  And am going out for a walk – it may be cloudy, but it IS 14C.



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