my fave: pack a (pink) punch

Pink tulips – check. New pinky-coral nail polish – check. Pink polka dot mug – check.  Not only is my house is spring ready, my workout gear is too.  

You’ve seen those #sweatpink laces before but the earbuds are new. Pink earbuds are always a winner in my book…but me and my tiny ears have been looking for a solution to the earbud that always falls out issue. Enter yurbuds

I found these at Target (again…Target in Canada…woo!) last week.  They are specially designed for women and come in 4 sizes.  In short – they’re amazing. 

I really, really, really dislike going to the gym, but, decked out in pink makes it a little more tolerable.  Only slightly.  And usually only because people tell me how awesome my pink laces are.  


One thought on “my fave: pack a (pink) punch

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