my fave: southern soul bbq

Do you watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives?  You may recognize this used-to-be-a-gas station turned bbq joint. 

Today, my last day here (wahhhhhh), Dad and I went on a little lunch date.  We hardly spoke between the “mmmmmmmmms” and “wow. you were right, this is good”.  

2 pulled pork sammies, 2 sides of friend green beans, 2 diet cokes, coleslaw on the side, sweet georgia soul sauce. 

I sniffed myself all the way home.  In a non-creepy, I smell like bbq smoke kinda way.  And then Mom made us change and put our clothes in the wash (immediately) cause there was “no way the condo is smelling like a smokehouse for the next week”.  No fun

Have a few minutes? Watch the DDD segment


2 thoughts on “my fave: southern soul bbq

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