my fave: going against the grain

I like rooting for the underdog.  I like liking the movie no one else likes. I didn’t like the colour blue for the longest time because everyone else did.  

I’m not trying to be different or difficult, hell, I prefer blending into the crowd than standing out, but I have a strange knack of not wanting to like what everyone else likes. 

I bet you luuuuuuve all those things.  Me? Can’t stand ‘em.  

Shopping at HomeSense is painful with all the damn owl crap.  What is it peeps? Why owls? (birds are so strange) And where did this mustache loving craze come in? Movember, awesome, but why are there mustache cookie cutters and mustaches on straws?  And did I miss the memo that to be a health blogger (which I am obviously not….I’m just looking for a recipe), you have to have an unnatural adoration for nut butters?  I hate PB, but seems in the cool blogger kid circle, PB isn’t cool either.  You have to spend $11 on an iddy biddy jar of organic, home churned sunflower seed butter. Really? Pass (also, why do none of y’all drink regular milk? actually, nevermind).  And Oreos are not that special.  First of all, homemade is always better. And, nope, that’s it.  Make a damn cookie. Just don’t cut it with a mustache cookie cutter, please. 

Don’t even get me started on meatloaf.  Whhhhy? Why is formed meat ever a good thing? And why do you all like hummus so much? 

I’ll never sit at the cool kids table.  

And I don’t really care. 


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