my fave: my daydreaming playlist

You guuuuuys.  This album (is that what the kids are still calling it these days?) came out in April. April!

Why didn’t you tell me this was gonna be my omgfavouritesongever!? 

No really.  I made dinner and had a little dance party the other night listening to this on repeat for a good 20 minutes. 

And then I danced to some Thrift Shop, which

  • a) is a real song, and not a spoof of thrift shops like I may have originally thought, and
  • b) is right up there with Ho Hey as my current favourite song

Also, Adam Levine, why is your voice (and bod) so lovely? Daylight. Love. 

One more for good luck? 

I shazamed this from Hart of Dixie repeats I was watching last weekend.  (Side note: so late to the shazam party, but hello, fabulous).  Run by Matt Nathanson, such a Sunday afternoon song.

Ho Hey followed by Run followed by Daylight are a good trio to repeat while daydreaming about someone special. 


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