my fave: love

I don’t have a plus one. Or a special fella.  Or a Valentine for that matter. 

Do I care? Nope, not really.  

Story of my life. 

But seriously.  On a day where there is so much love out there, why waste time being sour?  I’m spending the weekend with my best girlfriends, indulging in things we love….and talking about boys.  

Did you see sister’s blog this morning? On this day of loving others, she’s encouraging you to love yourself, too.  Surround yourself with things you love, be good to you.  Also, she made the cutest little cupcakes! 

So, a Valentine’s Day lover or not, I hope you’ve let a little bit of love creep into your heart today. 

If not, maybe this will brighten your day…

Or, just get dreamy about that crush of yours.  That’s what I’m doing today…so many crushes, so little time. 

ps: all my vday loving is off should I know anyone that get’s engaged today. ugh. 

pps: yes, I made that cards for 2 very special gals


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