my fave: a love letter (to cold meds)

Dear cold meds, 

I’m not one of those girls who are all “meh, I’ll get over this cold soon enough, with or without medication”.  Meds: gimme, gimme, gimme. 

You know what I love (almost as much as I love, you, of course), breathing. And being able to swallow without the feeling of razor blades being shoved down my esophagus. And talking without a huge ball of phlegm lodged somewhere between my sinuses and the back of my throat (tmi? sorry. it wasn’t pleasant for me either). I also adore not having the chills while sweating buckets, not having a dull headache for 45 hours, and sleeping more than 2 hours in a row. 

If I had a Valentine to smooch tomorrow, cold meds, I would credit all my health to you.  You’ve been good to me. High fives. 

Also, I’m a one love kinda girl.  Usually.  Don’t hold it against me that it took 6 different cold meds to really cure me.  Each of you were special in your own way.  

Big (germ-free) hugs and pre-Vday kisses to all of you.


ps: If there is a mystery Valentine up for some smooching tomorrow, my breath smells like a mix of cough syrup and halls.  That’s sexy, right? 


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