my fave: a not so secretive addiction

Let’s call this addiction “buffalo wing sauce”.

Not a stealth code word considering the addiction/obsession/new love of my life IS buffalo wing sauce.  Franks, specifically. 

I can’t blame it on sauced-up Super Bowl snacks (did not watch the Super Bowl, boo football), and my go-to watching lacrosse meal is guacamole.

Lately, dinner, at least once a week must involve something with wing sauce.  Salads, flatbreads, pizzas, nachos (hmmm, made another salad after all those carbs). Enter buffalo chicken turnovers.  

I thought of it all on my own – yes, recipes still do exist without the internet and without pinterest (which, sidenote, still do not see the value of).  

Suuuuuuper simple

1. cube chicken (I used leftovers from the night before) into fairly small pieces and toss in Frank’s Buffalo Wing Sauce (or other, but not sure why you’d want to)

2. Separate Pillsbury turnover dough into the individual squares (yes, the breakfast turnovers, the jam is in a separate pouch), and stretch a bit to make a little bigger. 

3. Place a bit of shredded sharp cheddar (or blue cheese, or something else yummy) and a spoonful of the chicken into the center, fold over dough, pinch the edges closed completely

4. Bake as directed (I flipped mine about 75% of the way through so they were golden on both sides)

Note: you don’t have to make all 8, the dough keeps in the fridge wrapped in saran

You’re welcome! 

And yes, I am having this for dinner again tonight. 


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