awesome moment(s) of the week

There was this:

Seriously though.  Melon is iffy in the winter; it can be bad and absolutely tasteless, and I really love honeydew (yes, I’m aware that I’m probably the only person ever who loves honeydew).  Anyway, it was fantastic.  

And yes, I realize that I live a sad existence to qualify superb melon as one of the highlights of my week.  But, so, so, good.  

There was this, too though:

Who doesn’t love a good pun!? (I bet you didn’t think I could get lamer than loving melon)

If that all wasn’t enough, there’s a mini winter heat wave hitting Southern Ontario. Thursday was 4 degrees celsius, today is getting up to 8, and 10 degrees on Saturday.  Nothing to complain about there.  

I’m not sure it gets better than great melon and a good pun, but indulge me anyway, what was your best moment of the week?


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