my fave: big girls do cry

Visiting an elderly family friend, who is just adorable and one of the strongest women I know. 

Glee.  Elf.  Design Inc. New mama gushing about her baby. 

And that was just Sunday night and Monday morning. 

For those who know me, it is no secret I am outrageously overly emotional.  Just about anything and everything will make me cry. 

Sad story, cute puppies, a sweet song, your engagement photo (not cause I’m insanely happy for you, I’m probably not, but cause it reminds me of my dismal romantic life). 

Am I ashamed or embarrassed of this? Not really.  I mean, it sucks being “that girl” who somehow always sheds a tear at the movie theatre.  Lucky for me, tears will just slowly stream down my cheeks without the Claire Danes ugly cry. 


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