my fave: workitoutside

I’m not even going to attempt to play this down.  I really, really don’t like the gym.  I can easily come up with 279843 excuses not to go (call me, I can give you one… or four).  

You see, I’d much, much rather walk (not even gonna pretend I run or jog, it’s so painful) outside. My view isn’t spectacular, it’s fairly shitty actually.  2km up to the dead end, turn around and 2km back.  One side of the road has townhouses, the other has farms (seriously). 

But I get it, in Southern Ontario, there’s maybe 3 months of ideal outside walking weather – the rest are covered in snow or smothered in humidity.  So, to the gym I (begrundingly) go. 

But days like yesterday, December 3rds that are 8 degrees, I am so, so very happy to be shakin’ my tail feather (and lip syncing) on my boring route.  

Outside. In December. This is awesome.

ps: local peeps, the new Goodlife on Clair is gorgeous (this is as enthused about a gym I can possibly get)


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