my fave: a new phone

Guess who has a new, schnazzy, cool phone…

Yes, my BlackBerry looks like the sad, marginally uncool, (very) little brother, but he gave me a good 30 months.  We’ve been to Boston, Mississippi and Louisiana, Chicago, and Calgary.  To the Skydome for Jays’ games.  We’ve watched lacrosse in Toronto, Brampton, Six Nations, Rochester, Kitchener, and Peterborough. He was with me while I sang at the NKOTBSB concert. We’ve had 3 different jobs and organized countless events. He’s made sure I could talk to/text my sister everyday even though she lives 3500km away. 

So what if the photos were a little blurry, you couldn’t particularly browse the internet, you couldn’t swipe the screen, or talk to it.  I could fit in my pocket. And it had buttons. 

Onto bigger and better things.  And much cooler, non-blurry, internet browsing, swipe screen things. 


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