(probably not) my fave: day drinking

2am. Hey, know what would be fun? Googling ex-boyfriends. 

Turns out, e-stalking does NOT make one fall asleep faster.  Who knew? 

In my almost-29 years old-single-girl-stupor, I had a brilliant idea.  No, not getting a cat.  Day-drinking.  That cures a broken heart, right?

Day drinking (alone) does not cure a broken heart, FYI. 

I wallowed a little more, ate some ice cream, watched 4 episodes of Chicago Fire (swoony boys help mend a broken heart, and I have a thing for Firefighters), and had an amazing sleep (mostly cause I left all electronics in the living room and probably cause I had a bottle of champagne swirling in my tummy). 

ps: if you’re wondering (I was), all the straight boys (yes, 1 of the fellas dates boys now…whole other can of worms) are married or engaged. 

pps: it would be a shame to give up all my crushes on Firefighters (un huh, plural) for a husband


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