my fave: sunflower seed showers

I’m absolutely a girly-girl.  I like wearing makeup and sparkly earrings, I paint my nails weekly, bake a mean cookie, cry at nearly everything slightly dramatic/sad/sweet/romantic, and haven’t a clue how to change my oil.  

But I love me some sports. By “some” I mean two; lacrosse and baseball.  


Did you watch any of the World Series?

Since my beloved Jays were nowhere close to a playoff position and the Angels missed the wildcard (they had such an amazing season, I was really rooting for them), I decided to cheer for the San Francisco Giants. 

I decided this before I heard of their PRE-game celebrations in the dugout. 

Sunflower seed showers.  How amazing is that!? 

I really like the idea that the team celebrated the win before the game started; such a contrast from just about every MLB and NLL/MSL/MLL game I’ve seen where everyone is so serious.  

So, boys, maybe have a little fun before your games.  Seems to have worked quite well for the Giants. 

(SF Giants photo from Getty Images)


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