my fave: Calgary coffee

I’m no coffee connoisseur.  I don’t like anything too dark, too strong, too bold.  I love lattes.  I love flavoured coffee. 

Partly to entertain myself, partly to explore new places, I thought I’d try out new-to-me coffee shops. I can get Starbucks any day (seriously, it’s across the street from my apt); the hunt for Calgary’s great cup of coffee (latte) was born. 

So, where’d I go?

First up, a delicious coconut latte from Higher Ground in Kensington. I loved it so much last Sunday, I spent Thursday afternoon reading by the fireplace enjoying another coconut latte.  The first one was better.  All in all, absolutely delicious and the atmosphere and ambiance at Higher Ground is perfect for me – always busy, lots of background noise (stellar people watching). 

Post snowstorm I ventured out the next place on my list.  I opted for a vanilla latte at Good Earth (they were out of coconut and salted caramel), got it to go so I could get back to movie watching and scowling at snow-covered everything. Verdict: also really yummy!

What I liked best about Higher Ground and Good Earth was how smooth the drink was.  The steamed milk and espresso were expertly blended.


I was so excited about Wednesday! Using my trusted travel companion (google maps) I found Jelly Modern Doughnuts and I could not wait to pop in.  I picked up a maple bacon (for breakfast, obvs….bacon!), a salted caramel (snack), and a coconut for sis before getting a vanilla latte at Caffe Beano, which reviews told me was one of the best cups of coffee in town. 

Verdict? Good but strong. The shop was adorable and packed with the line nearly going out the door; they’re definitely doing something right. 

Last up, Waves.  They had a special caramel-maple macchiato, which I thought I’d try; when in Rome Calgary, right? I’m really good at math, but caramel + maple = pumpkin spice confuses me.  I can’t appropriately critique Waves cause I hate pumpkin. I drank it, and it was smooth, not too strong, but the flavour was so wrong. There was also no one else there, which to me, isn’t a great sign. 

Honourable mention goes to Phil & Sebastian 15Kilo coffee.  I had this when I visited last year.  It’s dark and strong; mixed with cream and brown sugar, I’m still thinking about it. 

So, which is my favourite? I really wanted to rate them actually, but couldn’t choose a front runner.  Depending on my mood and location, I’d be a happy camper at Higher Ground, Good Earth, or Caffe Beano.  


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