my fave: a weekend in Calgary

Busy, busy, busy 2 days.  I actually can’t believe I’ve only been here 2 full days, we’ve done so much already. 

Friday we stayed up late, catching up, opening birthday presents, eating cookies and drinking tea.

Saturday we continued the elusive hunt for chairs, lunched at Cactus Club Cafe (my favourite west coast restaurant…opening a Toronto location in 2013), made a quick stop at an adorable Italian deli to grab some feels-like-home goods for dinner, had a 3 hour nap (someone’s internal clock is stuck on EST), watched Every Little Step, amazing, amazing, documentary, more tea and sleep. 


Sunday.  Sunday was really fun.  You know how in January it’s often dark, and cold, and snowy, and sometimes you just wish for a mediocre day when you can at least be outside and not miserable? Well, in Calgary, sometimes that type a day occurs in October. And that’s what Sunday felt like.  

It snowed a bit on Saturday (ok, more than a bit, but I’m trying to be upbeat), but Sunday, while crisp and cool (cold), was dry.  

We met a friend of sis’ for brunch then went to Market Collective, a weekend mini-one-of-a-kind-type fair that happens a lot more often than once a season. We continued to stroll Kensington, stopped for coffee at Higher Ground (I’m still dreaming about their coconut latte), a trip around the mall, some take-out, and a movie. 

Stay tuned for all the fun we’re gonna have this week! 

(Market Collective photo from their facebook account, Higher Ground photo from their website)


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