my fave: hiking starkey hill

Someone once said “hiking is for suckers!” Oh, actually, you may know her.  Cute.  Blond.  On the mend from a hiking related broken leg.  

These words in the back of my head, I threw caution to the wind and drove out to Starkey Hill Conservation Area on Saturday morning. A gorgeous, 4km loop about 5 minutes from my house. 


Most of the trail was covered in pine needles and maple leaves.  It was so cool and windy walking to my car, but wrapped in thick forest, there is just about no wind on the trail. Perfect fall morning. 

The highest point in Puslinch.  I liked the route I choose; the climb was slow, not getting to the summit till about 3.5k into the hike. 

It sucks I didn’t find it till the end of the season; but, I’m looking forward to going back in the Spring (or you know, keeping my fingers crossed for a warm November). 

Also, since I seem to come from quite the clumsy family, I feel I need to warn others…..this is a rough trail, not consistently maintained, lots of tree roots, rocks, and there are 3-4 steep-ish hills, that could lead to one slipping and breaking something in wet weather. 


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