my fave: it’s so easy

I’m obsessed. Maybe “obsessed” is an over-reaction, I tend to do that. A lot. 


To further my thoughts from a few days ago re: peanut butter and ginger beverages. I am either totally in love with something or generally can’t stand it.  There is no middle ground, no grey area.  Ok, there is sometimes a grey area, but it’s usually “omg, I loved this yesterday and now I can’t stand it, soooooo, today I don’t know if I love it or hate it” kind of grey area.  And decision making, I just can’t decide when making semi-important decisions. 

This is probably why I have a new favourite every damn day.  

I listened to this on repeat for the last 20ish minutes of my (too long and very annoying) drive home from the lake yesterday.  

Which was, of course, after I’d listened to the entire CD (yah, CD) three times. 

And then I listened to it on youtube when I got home.  So, if that’s not mildly obsessed then I don’t know what is.  

You can come over later if you want.  I’ll be having a Buddy Holly dance party.  Potentially followed by Jersey Boys dance party. 


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