my fave: thanksgiving

On Friday, I was actually happy we weren’t doing anything for Thanksgiving.  I wouldn’t have to mash 10 pounds of potatoes and then figure out how to eat them for leftovers for a week.  Wouldn’t have to perfectly time the carrots, beans, gravy, and rolls to be ready at the same time. 

And then on Saturday morning Facebook and Twitter exploded with excitement over spending time with family and a huge feast and I was really sad we weren’t doing anything. 

 (what I’m thankful for)

It’s not like we even have a big to-do for Thanksgiving.  A few years ago, for 2 years in a row, those 2 years it was 30+ on Thanksgiving weekend, my Mom was on vacation.  Dad, Sis, and I had A LOT of fun, but it wasn’t a famjam.  In 2008 I had swine flu.  Last year I was in Calgary.  

I don’t particularly miss the food (and definitely not the leftovers) but I do miss the 4 of us being in the same place.  Only 2.5 short months till that happens. 


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