my fave: 3 weeks till Calgary

Last year I was in Alberta over Thanksgiving weekend for what I think of the “tour de Alberta”.  Seeing the must-see destinations around Calgary. 

We drove to Jasper 

Saw tons of animals on the side of the road 

Tea and dessert in Lake Louise   

A gondola ride to the top of Sulphur Mountain 

A brief stop at Lake Minnewanka 

Not a baby bear, but still awesome 

Breakfast at Diner Deluxe (the coffee is a must have), some shopping, movies, Cactus Club Cafe (szechuan green beans, braised beef sandwich. perfection).

This time, we’re doing a whole bunch of new things. Sis’ suggestion “how about the badlands to see the hoodoos” – huh? Alberta you’re special dialect confuses me.  It’s ok, I figured it out.  Badlands = place. Hoodoos = thing.  

CALGARY IN 3 WEEKS (but who’s counting?)  


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