my fave: 4 weeks till Calgary

I’m cynical.  And moody.  And I roll my eyes a lot.  I know you know this about me already. But, even with all of that, I really do try to live in the moment (without sounding like a waify-hipster, obvs).  

I try not to look forward to things too much cause you miss out on the good things happening today.  Right now.  Ok, maybe not riiiiiight now (teacup pig) for me, cause I’m still in my pjs working/blogging.  Then again, working in pjs is pretty awesome……..I digress.  

(my very first glimpse of the Rockies)

While totally living in the now, man (I’m lame….you know that, too), I can’t stop thinking that in 4 weeks I’ll be visiting sis in Calgary.  

Before that, there’s 2 trips to Buffalo and a weekend with my Mom, so, I’ll be enjoying those fine things for now. 




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