my fave: my “grandma”

“Oh, Alli, Mimi shes-a no know if shes-a be around for-a you _________” 

I guess surviving 2 Wars, extreme poverty, many-a-miscarriage, having 3 children die at a young age, being an immigrant, and a Cancer survivor, my Grandma somehow thought her days were numbered.  But, ooooooh no.  Mimi, she’s 180 pounds of pure Grandma. I have a feeling God wants her here, not bossing people around up in Heaven. 


Through my favourite accent (immigrant italian) she tells stories of her day, her last doctor’s appointment, threatens to show me surgery scars, has some juicy family gossip, and during dessert, always tells a story from my childhood.  


She looks damn good for 80, and definitely doesn’t feel it. This is what happened at Church yesterday morning:

Father: Well, good morning Maria, how are you today young lady?

Mimi: Oh, Imma good Father.  And you can calla me younga lady, because today issa my 80 birthday. 

So, what did the coolest Grandma want for her 80th birthday? 


A new Jays hat! How cute is she! 

People say you can’t pick your family, but I did.  I told Mimi she was going to be my Grandma and she has been ever since. 


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