(not) my fave: LOL

I’m hilarious.  I know I am.

I like my praise to come in full sentences. do. not. EVER. respond to me with “lol”

I don’t care how damn funny I am and how hard you are legitimately laughing OUT LOUD, do not give me an lol.  

I’ll e-smack you. 

ps: this was brought on by an obnoxious use of “lol” from a client.  Again, I’m hilarious, but I typically save my whimsy for texts and 1 liner emails with sister or friends, not clients. 

pps: Dad was on this email too, and is staying with me tonight, subsequently, we’ve said lol after just about everything tonight.  We don’t spell it (L-O-L), we say it as a word (lawl).  


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