my fave: vacation photos

I’m actually pretty bad at taking pictures on vacation.  I get swept up in enjoying everything (which, um, is actually the point), and don’t have a ton of photographic evidence of what I loved so much. 

Inevitably, there is one, sometimes obscure photo that reminds me the most of of the long weekend I spent in a new location.  Yes, I haven’t actually been on a vacation (other than the time we spend in Georgia as a family at Christmas) longer than 4 days since 1999. 

(visiting Harvard while in Boston in 2010)

(Navy Pier in Chicago in 2011)

(Fairmont Lake Louise while visiting Jasper/Banff/Lake Louise/Calgary in 2011)

(Whistler and Vancouver in 2012.  I actually can’t stand the Olympics, but this was the only sunny day, and is how I’m trying to remember the west coast)

You see, I’m actually so bad at taking photos while on vacation that 3 of 4 of these were taken by sister.  


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