(not) my fave: moving day

I’m an over-reactor and I exaggerate.  A lot.  

Pretty much every muscle between my shoulders and lower back are screaming.  See what I did there, NOT exaggerate.  Seriously, I’m in so much pain. 

Monday was moving day for my parents.  Since I’m technically on the famjam payroll, I had to help.  I’m not complaining about helping, Mom even got us Starbucks, I’m complaining about how much my arms and back hurt and how I have 6 bruises on my left side.  

Good news? I’m storing a bunch of sister’s things while she’s in Calgary which means I now get to sleep in her ridiculously comfortable bed.  Which I put together yesterday afternoon.  More pain.  But I just slept on a marshmallow mattress for 10 hours, soooo, there’s that. 


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