my fave: enjoying every day

It’s the middle of August.  August 15th and there have been weeks of back-to-school commercials and I hear Halloween candy is on store shelves (which I haven’t seen, so, I’ll take twitter’s word for it). 

Both of these made me feel a little anxious.  Not because I’m going to back to school in a few weeks or because I neeeeeeeed Halloween candy before it sells out, but because (I apologize in advance for sounding like my parents here) time is just going by too quickly. 

On two separate blogs yesterday I read about how the bloggers just couldn’t wait for fall fashions.  

Do you know me? I’ve complained about summer (it’s haaaawt. but seriously. hot.  everyday. and humid. I’ve been sweating for 3 months straight…and I’m not even the dramatic one in the family).  I have not wished time to go faster, for it to be fall. 

Can we maybe just stop and smell the roses in these last few weeks (months?? it’s been known to warm through Canadian Thanksgiving) of summer? No, literally.  Smell roses, dip your toes in the lake/river/ocean/puddle, have s’mores, sip sangria, do all those things that just aren’t possible in January.  


(photos from pinterest) 


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