my fave: sports sundays

Early on Sunday morning 2 weeks ago (the day after that fabulous rooftop party) Kathryn and I headed to the Skydome (I refuse to call it the Rogers Centre….lame) for my first Jays game of the season. 

Tigers won, and I can’t remember it being a really great game.  

From there, I packed up and drove to Waterloo for a Major Series Lacrosse (MSL) between Brampton and KW (Brampton…my team… holla…won!) 

Yesterday, was a repeat of 2 weeks ago (minus the really great rooftop party). 


Like our free hats!? 


LOOK AT THAT CATCH! Yes, I’m yelling. It was amazing.  JAYS BEAT THE YANKEES!! Yep, yelling again, cause well, they were pretty much playing with their AAA Vegas team since most of the regulars are on the DL. 

After a quick (early bird special) dinner, I took the train back to the ‘burbs and headed to Brampton for MSL west final between Six Nations and Brampton.  My boys lost last night and face elimination tonight.  Loss aside, the game was still pretty great.  

I don’t see any other double header sports Sundays in the near future, but they sure have been fun. 

(Jays photos from google.  I have some, but heck, these are much better)


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