my fave: The Sound of Music

Imagine this. 

Christmas Eve.  A big Austro-Hungarian party: the best peirogies you’ve ever tasted, cabbage rolls, deviled eggs, sauerkraut, vanillekipferl. The Sound of Music.    


(the secret to good pierogies is frying them in cristco then topping them with melted butter and sour cream. yes, there is a reason I only eat these once a year)

I was only 44 days old when I attended my first Christmas Eve party, a huge bash thrown by the Austro-Hungarian parents of my Dad’s childhood friend. 


By Christmas 2010 our family were the only guests.  We enjoyed the pierogies and ate cookies while watching Sound of Music on CTV.  There was no party in 2011, which was absolutely devastating.  Instead, we had a traditional Northern Italian meal and watched Sound of Music on DVD. 

how much do you love when the Captain and Maria show the children the proper way to Austrian folk dance? do you cry when they sing Edelweiss at the Festival? (if you knew someone from war-torn Austria, you would, trust me) and how heartbreaking when Rolf blows their cover?  love. I love this movie (even if parts are factually inaccurate…whatevs)

(all photo from google images)


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