my fave: schnitzel with noodles

Really though, gave you ever met someone (vegetarians need not apply) that doesn’t like schnitzel?

There is a wonderful little restaurant, Coffee Mill, tucked into a side street in Yorkville that serves the greatest schnitzel. 


It’s thinly sliced fried meat people, what’s not to like?! But its deliciousness isn’t the only reason schnitzel is my fave. 

Going to Coffee Mill with my Mom and sister in the summer was so fun.  We felt really fancy eating in Yorkville as kids, and as I said, Coffee Mill is tucked into a side street, although always busy, it was like you had to be in the know to eat there. 

In 1999 we spent 3 weeks in Europe, and know what’s better than Coffee Mill schnitzel? or Mom’s schnitzel? (tanget, my Mom is not a good cook, but the woman can fry up a great pork schnitzel) Schnitzel in Germany.  the. best. 


Fun fact 1 – you know when you say a word so many times it just doesn’t sound right? well, I’m at that point with schnitzel, a few days ago it was streudel. 

Fun fact 2 – if you search “schnitzel with noodles” on google images, a whole bunch of images listed in “My Favorite Things” comes up

(schnitzel photo from google)


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