my fave: doorbells and sleigh bells

Since my walk down memory lane has reminded me a lot of my grandma, I have another cute antidote for you.  My grandma immigrated to Canada from Italy in the late 1950’s.  She speaks english fluently, but a few words have got lost in translation: doorbell is one – bell door as she calls it.  ”….and thenna the bella-door wasa ringing”

Sometimes I think I’d really like to move to a city without snow in the Winter.  Unfortunately that is pretty hard for a Canadian – it snows everywhere.  I would be quite happy wintering in the Southern United States…yes, I’m 28 years old and I just said that. 


A not-so surprising sight on an Ontario winter morning vs. a late-December afternoon stroll in Georgia.  Yah. 

For some twisted reason, I think I would miss the snowy aspects of Christmas. Like sleigh bells.  I suspect this is only because I have never actually spent Christmas anywhere else but Ontario; give me a mini tree in the window that faces the beach, with some Christmas tunes blasting while I sit out on a balcony, and I might not care what country I’m in. 

(Ontario winter photo from Google)


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