(sometimes) my fave: crisp apple streudel

I used to absolutely hate apple pie; same goes for apple streudel and baked apples. Hate. 

I know, I know, hate is a harsh word, but I thought it was just the worst.  Why? I have no idea.  Apple pie sounds kinda delicious right about now, but in comparison, any other dessert will always win over warm apple anything.  

My grandma makes the best apple cake, but doesn’t make it for me anymore cause she still thinks I hate apple desserts, regardless of my constant reassurance that I’ve grown out of that phase.  ”Alli, Mimi she was gonna makka you apple cake, but youa no likea the apple pie” (my grandma has lived in Canada since the 50s but can’t shake her serious i-talian accent and frequently refers to herself in the third person).  I also have no idea why me not liking apple pie has anything to do with cake. I love cake. 

But we were talking streudel.  I do bet Maria Von Trapp could make one hell of an apple stredsel. 

(Apple streudel photo from pinterest


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