my fave: boys with big hearts

Remember a few days ago when I was gushing about laxin’ for a good cause? Well, I thought I’d follow up with some really, really good news. 

Team “Reebok Blacks Out Cancer” won the Moneyball Division of the PowerBall tournament, which meant bringing home a $25,000 cheque to donate to the families of Chris Sanderson and Kyle Miller. 

When addressing the team, Kyle “…tried to say the boys must have better things to do than come play for him, but they resoundingly said no, with [Dan] Dawson…saying earlier that he hoped everyone remembers this championship and the cause for the rest of their lives.” ( Like I mentioned in the first post, I don’t know anyone on this team, but what they’ve done for Kyle and Chris, truly turning passion into action, is something I’ll remember for a long time.  

When most stories in the newspaper and on the evening news are of horrible things happening in our community, it’s refreshing to have followed the selflessness of this team and their efforts to bring comfort and ease the financial burden of the Sanderson and Miller families. 

The best part, Route1, the Toronto-based company who sponsored Team “Reebok Blacks Out Cancer” donated an extra $10,000 after hearing of the win yesterday afternoon. 


Read the Moneyball Division report here. Photos from


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