my fave: laxin’ for a good cause

As my sister’s friend Emily says “I work for a charity so I know I’m going to heaven”.  I work at a not-for-profit, which hopefully trumps my sarcasm and will send me straight to heaven.

I’m not your typical not-for-profit, cherry on top, all around perky and glowing kinda gal; but, I do have a soft spot for helping others.  Like almost everyone out there, those battling cancer hits very close to home for me. 

This weekend is the Powerball Lacrosse Tournament where an all-Canadian team of very talented (we’re talking pros here peeps), inspiring group of men are competing in the MoneyBall Competition with hopes of bringing home the $25,000 grand prize to donate to the Sanderson family and Kyle Miller, two notable, world champion, Canadian lacrosse goalies.  Chris Sanderson recently passed away and Kyle continues to battle Osteogenic Sarcoma. 


While I don’t know either Chris, Kyle, or their families, their impact and influence is widely felt on the entire lacrosse community – by both players and fans alike. 

It is not an exaggeration to say some of the best lacrosse players in the world are suiting up for Chris and Kyle this weekend. I’m confident Team “Reebok Blacks Out Cancer” will be bringing home gold medals and a gift that is going to go a long way for two very special families. 

(phots of Chris – #17 and Kyle – #35 are from


My ode to Sound of Music’s My Favourite Things will continue on Monday


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