my fave: whiskers on kittens

Let me introduce you to someone.  


This is Mindy.  

She liked laying belly up where the sun streamed through the blinds, drinking milk from your cereal bowl, finding cat nip then meowing till you came to find her and told her she was a good girl at 4am, biting your toes juuuuust as you were about to fall asleep, doing sprints up and down the hallway after naptime, and was exceptionally good at knocking all the pen caps off the desk.  She knew exactly where her treat jar was and would sit real pretty and stare you down till you gave her one…every 60 minutes or so. And like every other girl I know, really liked when you called her pretty. 


She was my best gal.  The “cat whisperer” as my sister called me, Mindy followed me everywhere during the day on weekends I was home, she watched movies with the gals in the evenings, then curled up beside me at night. 


An indoor cat, she notoriously pawed at the back door in the spring and summer to eat the plants and then puke in the basement.  


Our little Minners, we hope, is out travelling the world, hobo pack perched on her back, biting the toes of those who get in her way, and snuggling up to anyone who shows her a little love.  

Crazy cat lady fo life, yo. 

These whiskers on this kitten are my absolute favourite. 


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