my fave: “like, the best weekend, ever!”

It seems, whatever the plans, weekends are pretty much the greatest.  I very rarely have commitments/obligations, I have no significant other, I don’t have kids.  I get to choose what I want to do pretty much every weekend.

My pookie bear, Megan came from PEI to stay with me on Friday and Saturday before heading to a conference on Sunday.

We stayed up late catching up, slept in, drank starbucks, shopped, lazily grazed on poutine and popcorn while watching our favourite episodes of How I Met Your Mother, enjoyed martinis on a patio downtown sporting our new red (hers) and pink (mine) lipstick, then drank sangria and talked service learning, international aid, and my future until the wee hours of the morning.  All day Saturday Megan kept whispering “this is the greatest Saturday, ever!” Sunday we enjoyed huge burgers by the lake before Megan left for the conference and I headed to Toronto:

BBQ dinner and hanging out with friends on a rooftop patio, not a bad way to end a beautiful weekend!

How does one follow up something like that? Well, going to a Tuesday night Major Series Lacrosse game before heading home for a very long fam-jam (sister is home till Sunday!!!!!) weekend tomorrow afternoon seems to be doing the trick. 


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