(not) my fave: rainy west coast

It’s not you, it’s me.  Ok, it was a little bit of you.  Fiiiiiine, it was mostly you. 

I really do think I could have really liked Vancouver, but it rained off and on for over 2 of our 4 days.  Don’t get me wrong, I did love seeing my sister, the mountains were lovely, the huge trees astounding, but the rain really put a damper (pun SO intended) on things.  

The coast sure did welcome me in a beautiful way though.  Saturday was gorgeous! 





Saturday: drove to Whistler, frolicked, lunched, touristed, came back to Vancouver, picnic overlooking the Vancouver Harbour. Y’know, if the next 3 days were this sunny with lovely mild temperatures, I’d still probably be laying by the Harbour. 

Sunday, Monday, Tuesday: with periods of rain all 3 days we maximized dry periods and saw everything on our list and had some delicious eats (i heart you Local Public Eatery, Cactus Club Cafe, and Original Cupcakes, and sis quite enjoyed her Sushi…I can’t get behind raw fish, and I don’t like rice) 






With lattes in hand we walked along the water to the Olympic Cauldron; strolled around Stanley Park (mostly totem poles on day 2 and got about 11km of lost on the seawall on day 4); got to Granville Island and wished we could buy all the flowers in the Public Market; stopped by Kitsilano Beach Park (day 2 it poured, day 4 we had burgers and shakes at Kits beach); spent day 3 at the Pacific Centre, then napping, and having take-in dinner; and just as we were about the check out of the hotel on the last day, we able to see Rick Hansen come down Robson St. on the last day of his Canada-wide marathon – very cool. 

So, Vancouver (and by association, the west coast), I very well could have liked you (I’m not prepared to use the L-word, that’s saved for Boston and St. Simon’s Island), but I’m just not there yet.  And it’s not me, it’s you, you and your rainy days. 

The good thing about some rainy days? Lots of time spent hanging out with my favourite sister. 



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