my fave: my momma

Sometimes I really wonder how she gets through whole days without Dad, me, or sis around…this is the woman who has burned a pot of water (no, really), “lost” glasses for hours on top of her head, and has broken nearly everything on the left side of her body. 

I’m completely embarrassed that she thinks wearing lululemon sweats to The Keg is ok “cause they’re expensive”, she sings in the store, makes very audible comments at the movie theatre, especially the awkward parts, and she somehow forgets the name of just about every movie, TV show, and actress.  It’s a fun process to try to figure out who she’s talking about. 

But you know what that all actually teaches me?  I’ve got a Mom that isn’t afraid to be herself. 

She passed on her passion for reading, love of Starbucks, and always makes time for brunch. 

She raised 2 of the coolest kids on the block, eh, sis? 

She lets us snuggle when we’ve had a bad day and keeps us laughing on all the days in between. 

She’s a whole lotta crazy, but there’s no one like her.  


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