my fave: busy weekends

I know, I know, just a few weeks ago I was loving lazy weekends; but every now and then, I love filling all 48 hours of the weekend with plans. This just happened to be one of those weekends. 

It all started Friday afternoon.  Luckily, I was only working till about 2:30pm, and then I was…

My good luck ran out, the Wings lost, but it was a great roadie.  Boys (errr, men) in Rochester sure know how to make a girl feel special…

After getting dropped off in Burlington, I went to Mom & Dad’s for the night, had a 3:30am family catch-up, a 4.5 hour nap, then had to pick up some supplies and a Venti latte before…

…going back to Guelph for a wrap-up concert for the campaign I’ve been working on for the last 3 weeks. It was absolutely fantastic.  Except for the sunburn.  

I rushed home, changed, packed, and drove into Toronto…

Rock won & are playing in the East Division finals this coming Saturday.  After the game, Kathryn and I were finally…

Sure, Jacks hosts the Rock afterparty, and while we aren’t puck (ball??) bunnies, we know a few boys on the team and end up scoring free drinks.  There was a friend of a friend of Kathryn’s who kept us entertained…with his smoldering good looks.  

We had 2am pizza, watched the last bit of The Devil Wears Prada, got a few hours of sleep before we were ready to hit the pavement for some morning grub and strong coffee…

Refueled, we strolled Yonge Street and window shopped before…

Funny beginning, cute ending, but shit gets real weird in the middle.  Not quite ready to call it a day, we grabbed the necessities and enjoyed some patio time. 

I finally arrived back in Guelph around 7 Sunday night, still sunburnt, well caffeinated, happy, and surprisingly relaxed.  


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