my fave: sister trips

Vacation.  Who doesn’t love packing up, getting in the car or hopping on a plane and enjoying time away from work, chores, and all responsibilities?! (if you don’t love vacay, I’m not sure we can be friends)

For the past few years, sister and I have been jetting off to new locations and exploring. 

In 2010 we soaked up everything Boston had to offer: seafood in the Faneuil Hall Marketplace, saw a Red Sox-Jays game at Fenway (FENWAY!), stumbled upon a beautiful garden at the Library, strolled the Harvard campus, and explored the city by land and sea on the Duck Boat tour.  If I could just hop on a plane right now and spend a few days in another city, I would be headed to Beantown. 


The summer of 2011 took us to Chicago.  We quickly acquainted ourselves with the “L” and made trips to Target and Wrigley Field, walked up and down Michigan Ave, took an amazing ride on the ferris wheel at Navy Pier, and saw the infamous bean. 


Not exactly a sister trip, but in October, I headed West for the first time and visited sis in Calgary.  I say Calgary loosely, we spent more time on the road going to Jasper, Banff, and Lake Louise.  When you live in Southern Ontario, mountains at every turn are quite the sight. 


So, where is our 2012 destination? 

(sis made this….isn’t it awesome?!)

We’re off to VANCOUVER next month.  I can’t wait.  Can’t wait to check explore another new city, and can’t wait to spend 4 days with my favourite person. 

So, where should we go next year? 


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