my fave: lazy weekends

sis: hey! how are you?

me: (tilts head back toward the door) good

sis: what did you do today?

me: you’re lookin’ at it. 

This is the conversation we had almost every afternoon over Christmas break.  Most notably the day she went off, did morning yoga, met with a few different sets of friends, and I was 3/4 through season 6 of How I Met Your Mother.  

Even living 2,662km (yah, I checked) apart, she’ll ask “so, what did you do this weekend” and I reply “you’re looking at it”.  She knows it was one of my lazy weekends.  

So, what did I do this weekend?  

A little bit of this…

Followed by a little of this…

Better known as…you’re looking at it.  

I’m working Saturdays for the next 3 weeks, so, took advantage of the rainy weather and decided to stay in, watch Jays’ games (1-2 for the weekend), made a good dent in The Book Thief (excellent!), sent quite a few texts to get caught up on friend drama, and had a nice long conversation with another (drama-free) friend.  

Only one problem…there was no Wings game, and don’t have the cable channel that was playing the Rock game.  

Lacrosse aside; exactly the weekend I was looking for. 


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