my fave: bonding over baseball

summer afternoons.  hot dogs n’ pops.  ballcap.  skydome.  

Long before we started bonding over lacrosse games, Dad taught sis and I all about baseball.  

We were lucky to be able to go to tons of Jays games growing up; we frequented the Skydome 300 level boxes courtesy of Dad’s company, saw the in-house production studio, and enjoyed many a handful of popcorn.  Sis knew what an RBI was as a toddler.  We were at the September 27, 1998 game where Roy Halladay, in his second career start, was 1 pitch away from a no-hitter.   There was the one afternoon we met Cito Gaston and he gave us grape Gatorade.  We all jumped in the air with Joe Carter as he ran the bases after his 1993 World Series winning homerun. 

The Jays’ season started a few days ago; I watched a few innings with Dad yesterday, we analyzed the plays, called the strikes, hollered at the umps, and rolled our eyes at Bautista’s game ending pop up.  

All together now Jays fans… OK Blue Jays. Let’s. Play. Ball! 

Can’t wait for my first game. 


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