my favs: what i’m watching

It’s not a huge stretch for me to describe myself as a homebody.  Well, actually I’m just really lame, and homebody makes me sound like I spend my nights cooking and reading by the fireplace.  

I cook when I have to and read curled up in my bed.  But mostly, I watch a lot of tv. I like to get my learn on with the History, Military, and Discovery channels. 

What I’m really loving lately: 

The longtime favourite…

I get bored easily, but have watched every episode of How I Met Your Mother from the first day of season 1.  I love it.  

The one hour drama…

I love me some crime drama.  I love me some crime drama that has a bunch of hotties even more.  I watched an episode of NCIS: LA when there was nothing else on one night last year and have been religiously tuning in ever since.  

The comedy…

There’s probably a good chance you’ve never seen (or possibly heard of) Whitney. Sigh.  Seems it didn’t get the best reviews, but I think that it is much better than the critics say.  No word yet of it being picked up for another season…

The educational programming…


I learned a lot about demos and building while I was volunteering in Mississippi which is likely why I can’t get enough of Holmes Inspection.  You can learn a ton about the proper way to do pretty much anything inside/outside of your home.  Ok, annnnnd Damon Bennett (mr. green shirt in the pic) is a major looker. 

The weekly indulgence…

Gotta watch my Wings! January – mid May I’m watching a Toronto Rock game or a Philly Wings game on the weekends.  


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