a “love”ly little ending

At the beginning of the month, you may remember me issuing you (fine, us) a “love”ly little challange, and then mid month, there was my “love”ly little update about how being nice is hard.  And now, lemme tell you how the month went:

Let me just reiterate, being nice is hard.  No wait, actually, being nice is really easy when you’re smiling and holding the door open.  I know it sounds dumb, but I’m really good at that.  I also sometimes throw off salespeople when entering a store, I smile and say “hi, how are you?” to them before they can ask me.  They’re always nicer to me.  I’ve smiled on sunny days, looked people in the eye, and appreciated the little things.  

Know what isn’t easy? Pretending mean words and backstabbing actions aren’t hurtful and then, while imagining them being hit by a bus, having to finish the work day all cheery-like. I used to work with seemingly professional back-handed complimenters.  

And how about love?  Well, I’ve done a great job swooning over many a hottie. Actor crush from my favourite TV show – check! Lacrosse stud – check! Boy next door – check.  I’ve hung out with great friends this month.  Celebrated a new job.  Saw my sister! All things I love. 

Without getting all Dr. Phil, maybe I could be better at appreciating me and not succumbing to hurtful negative self-talk.  There are a lot of great things on the horizon though…

So, all in all, how I’d do? OK. Could have been better, but some parts of who I am aren’t happy-go-lucky nor all around lovely.  I cuss, I have perfected the stank eye, and if you’ve said mean things about me, I’m probably talking smack about you too.  Whoopsie. 

This is what I do believe in though.  (A photo a student took for me from a training activity in a hospice in Bostwana).   


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