breaking up is hard to do

I may have mentioned a few times about my singledom, so, what am I talking about?

Oh, no, wait; that’s still my dream.  Actually, this happened:

YES! That’s right.  I broke up with my job on February 10th.  

We’ve been in quite the relationship.  Like, a 5 year, 4 month, and 1 day relationship. We definitely had our ups and (mostly) downs, and ultimately, I took a HUGE leap of faith and accepted a new job.  

So, if it was mostly downs, then why was breaking up so hard? I’ve pretty much grew up in employment destination 1; I started just a few months after I graduated, which was just weeks before my 23rd birthday.  I was still a baby.  Let me also mention, I’ve been working at the same University I attended as an undergrad.  I’ve been comfortable.  I didn’t need to move after graduating, and the job actually, kinda fell into my lap.  It was easy.  I was really, really good at it, too. 

And I am NOT a risk taker. This is risky; really, really risky.  

And awesome. And I can’t wait.  

Today is my last day.  

I’m proud of myself for the things I took on while here, the programs I helped grow, the connections I’ve made, and the legacy I’m leaving behind.  Most of all, I can’t believe the shy, quiet, 5-year plan organized girl is taking this leap, and that’s what I’m most proud of.


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