lovely little things

Happy Valentine’s day, ya’ll.  

Trust me, I never thought I’d be saying that…I’m just not the love and romance kinda girl.  I’m still not; and no, not in a relationship either. There’s just something about all the love going around that makes me a little warm & fuzzy this year.  Really, single gals, why you gotta be all negative Nancy sometimes? That sourpuss scowl isn’t gonna get you a beau. 

What I’d really like:

Yah, not gonna happen.  That’s ok.  But my party-pink manicure, coffee in my pink polka-dot mug and pink cardigan will put a smile on my face.  

So, there’s no better day to leave you with a few of my mushy favourite things today:

Favourite lovey video

Favourite cute photo:

A few (not so traditional) love songs:

Maybe I’m caught up in the #spreadlove movement, but today, I’m all pink hearts and hugs.  And tonight? Baking birthday cookies for a friend and watching a couple hotties on NCIS:LA.  

Well, that and swooning over a couple of gents…


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