a “love”ly little update

Being nice is HARD!

A week ago, I challenged us to spread love, to be a littler nicer.

So, how have I done?

I’ve held doors open with gumption, almost never snickering at the a-hole who doesn’t say thank you…no, wait, that’s not the right attitude…told you it was hard.  I’ve tried to not let my feelings for someone hinder the way I treat them…yah, sometimes you don’t like people, it happens, but you can not roll your eyes after everything they say.  

I’ve smiled politely, but I probably haven’t loved.  Personally, I haven’t opened up to the possibility of love (word to my single gals, I have big VDay plans, spending the night by myself watching Valentine’s Day and loving it plans).  I do like hugs though, I could get behind this…

So, we’ve got another 17 days this month.  Let’s keep trying.  Maybe love isn’t the right word; at the very least, can we just try to be genuinely nice to each other? 

Be nicer. Try harder. 

Starting….now.  Or, now-ish.  I’m currently snickering at a match.com commercial. 


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