a “love”ly little challenge

In January we’re caught up making resolutions and goals, as February rolls around we’re eating candy hearts while the healthy resolutions are on the back burner. 

Instead of focusing on the resolutions we’ve overlooked, let’s focus on love. Wait, what? Yah, I’m not the “focus on love” kinda girl.  More like the cynical and snarl at love kinda girl. 

So, here’s the challenge.  For you and for me.  Let’s spread love this month. 


I most definitely do not mean tell the love of your life how much they mean to you (sure, that’s great and all…but seriously, if you need a “special day” to profess your love…um, well, it’s your relationship, not mine).  Maybe you could:

  • write a letter to your grandma, send her some photos
  • tell your parents what an impact they’ve really been on you
  • that person, in your office you can’t stand, well, suck it up, don’t make faces, try and have a real conversation
  • a friend you’ve lost touch with, send a text or an email.  Say hi again
  • pay a compliment to a stranger, hold the door open
  • do something nice for yourself  
Wouldn’t you want to know if someone was thinking about you today? I would.  Don’t wait, just let them know. 

I read something today that reminded me to spread love; pure and simple, genuine love. So, let’s celebrate this love-month by paying it forward. 

So, how are you going to spread love this month?


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