my weekend – twitter style

the plan…

it started like this…

with these fine gents:

followed by…



post game drinks with bestie (and some shady characters at Jacks on Front). a sleepover. a very early train. 

Saturday afternoon laziness consisted of…

(Wings win! 1st in the East Division!)

then dinner.  hanging with dad.  and…

(Rock won on Saturday night too. in OT. which gives me anxiety. also, watching with Dad was a lot of fun till I texted this to sister “watching the game with dad is like being a passenger while the driver has road rage”. he was getting really mad at bad plays, bad calls, more bad plays. r-e-a-l-l-y mad. more anxiety)

all capped off by…

Yah, so, brunch didn’t work out, but everything else did. 3 very well deserved days off. 

And yah, I get it, I may have a wee lacrosse watching problem. Word on the street is, there are worse things to do in excess. 


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